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Our Branded Coated Fasteners with Best Corrosion Protection Coatings used in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Energy and Marine Industries. Let us provide you with a total solution against corrosion in your plants


We manufacture and stock the following range of products :

MASTERCOTE coated with high PTFE content is best suited for installations in petrochemical plants, offshore platforms and in corrosive environments.

The resin-like bonded coating provides a low coefficient of friction and excellent resistance to many chemicals and acids. PTFE dry film provides lubricity, thus preventing galling in breaking out.

MASTERCOTE coated products are the best in the market salt-fog-spray tested to 9,000 hours without a spot of rust.High quality specialty bolts and nuts

One end of the studbolt is marked with the relevant material grade symbol.Nut is marked with the relevant material grade symbol 2H 2HM G4 G7 7M 8 8M 8MA 8C

StocksSBN-Mastercote 1

  • ASTM A193 - Imperial sizes 3/8 to 4" dia
    • Metric sizes M12 tom M52
  • ASTM A320 L7 - 1/2" to 4"
  • ASTM A193 B16 - 1/2" to 4" dia
  • ASTM A193/A320 B8 Class 2 & Class 1
    • (SS304) 1/2" through to 2 3/4" dia
  • ASTM A193/A320 B8M Class 2 & Class 1
    • (SS316) 1/2" through to 2 3/4" dia

Stocks come complete with matching nuts

Manufacturing Process

Studbolts are made from long length of bars. We sell studbolts and nuts plain, Mastercote coated, Cadmium, Zinc, Galvanised or other types of coating.SBN-Mastercote 2

In-House Furnace

B7M/2HM and L7M/Gr 7M are produced in-house (tested and certified). These are then oiled, grit blasted, plated or Mastercote finished.

Special Materials available on order

B8T, Titanium, Duplexes, Monel 400, K500, Hastlloy, Incoloy, Inconel, Nimonic, etc.Bronzes: Phosphor bronze, brass, aluminium, manganese bronze, silicon bronze available on request.