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New Engineering Products are specially fabricated at our plants following customer drawing and specifications. Installed in major projects around the world.


Fastener Class Coating

Xylan coatings are made of composite materials. Lubricants with the lowest-known coefficient of friction are combined with the newest high-temperature-resistant organic polymers. Together, they form "plastic alloys" with unique properties: SBN-Xylan-Header

  • Low coefficient of friction: as low as 0.02
  • Outstanding corrosion and chemical resistance
  • Wide operating temperature ranging from -1950C to +2850C
  • Pliability: bend freely and repeatedly without breaking
  • Machineability: apply multiple coats and mill
  • Excellent adhesion to most metals, plastic, ceramics, wood and even to itself.

Xylan 1070/1014 coatings on large nuts and studbolts significantly reduce the amount of make-up torque lost to friction, removing much of the uncertainty from predicting clamp loads. At the same time, Xylan eliminates problems of galling and resists corrosion in and above sea water, and in chemical environments. Xylan coating allows maintenance-free operation for twice as long as the life of the average parts.

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